Leverage technology in your dispatching operations

Leverage technology in your dispatching operations

  • Modern Flight Board

    Have an adjustable overview of your fleet, whilst managing and keeping track of every aspect of your flights. You will have all of the information you need in real-time.

  • Friendly and efficient Crew Scheduling

    Easily manage all of your crew needs: rostering, assignments, credentials, training and logbooks. Schedule crew adhering to commercial or private Flight Time Limitations personalized to your operations manual, and ensure they receive all essential notifications thanks to our smart in-app notifications system.

  • Automated Service Management

    Take advantage of our aviation service management tool; automate service creation, select suppliers, and with your pre-configured templates send out all requests quickly and directly from NuvolOps.

  • Fully Customizable Dispatch Checklists

    Predefine and adapt your Dispatch Checklists to your needs. Automate Dispatch To-Dos based on your specific operations or client preferences.

Maximise Charter Sales for your managed aircraft with our Sales solutions

Maximise Charter Sales for your managed aircraft with our Sales solutions

  • Accurate quoting

    Quote your aircraft directly, or via marketplace integration, with accurate automated pricing and templates with your own branding.

  • Complete tool for your sales team

    Manage all of your aircraft pricing, from charter rates, discounts and demurrage, through to client specific rates and service price estimates, enabling you to quote efficiently and accurately.

  • Advanced and customizable pricing engine

    With the freedom to customize as you see fit, seamlessly adjust and manage your pricing throughout the quotation process.

  • State-of-the-Art CRM

    Leverage the powerful CRM capabilities of Salesforce to manage all client, supplier, and contact information.

Organize and communicate your Maintenance data

Organize and communicate your Maintenance data

  • Track and monitor your Maintenance events

    Oversee your entire fleet with customizable views and plan your aircraft maintenance events for the most opportune time, ensuring that everyone is kept in-the-loop.

  • Efficiently manage your Aircraft Documents and Equipment

    Track the important documents and equipment on your aircraft, and get notified when they're close to expiring or are due for an inventory check.

  • Review aircraft usage and observations from Post-Flight Data

    Receive and review post-flight data from aircraft crews in order to help predict aircraft maintenance for your fleet, as well as address any maintenance observations.

Reliable and mobile solutions for crew

Reliable and mobile solutions for crew

  • Truly Mobile

    Integrate a fully mobile solution for your crew operations, allowing crew to check their schedules, acknowledge notifications, view their credentials, and report post-flight data on the go.

  • Full Crew Management

    The fully functional staff center allows you to view and manage crew information in parallel with operations, including assignments, credentials, training and statistics.

  • FTL Compliance

    View the status of your crew against flight time limitations at any time, and generate accurate FTL Reports when required for planning or compliance, ensuring your crew are adhering to regulations.

Proven trip accounting solutions

Proven trip accounting solutions

  • Send and manage your invoices

    Efficiently send custom-made invoices and credit notes directly to your customers, based on the advanced pricing engine, their trip information, and supplier data, by easily selecting which financial line items to include.

  • Match supplier bills to your flights

    Process your flight related supplier bills and match them to your trips in order to effectively track profits. Recover or write-off any unforeseen costs and adjust future pricing.

  • Bespoke real-time ledgers for an instant snapshot of your accounts

    Tailored ledgers to fit your accounting requirements, costing models and cost centers, exportable into PDF or CSV.

The right information when you need it

The right information when you need it

  • Create and customize key reports and dashboards

    Reporting on any of your operational data and representing it in charts is easily done. Take the charts and add them to your favorite dashboard and see exactly how your department is doing. Reports and Dashboards can also be viewed while on the go with the NuvolOps mobile solutions.

  • Easily share your insights with your team

    Reports and Dashboards are shared effortlessly with your colleagues using our communication and collaboration tools. Once shared, they will then be able to open and view the reports or dashboards whenever required with the latest information. If you prefer to simply export the reports, we provide for that as well.

Customer-centric solutions

Customer-centric solutions

  • Improve your customer experience by sharing the information they want to see in real-time

    Give your owners an instant and real-time overview of their aircraft usage, schedule, current location, maintenance events and financial statistics.

  • Access from anywhere

    All the information your owners require at the touch of a button from anywhere both on desktop or with the companion mobile application and multi-factor authentication to ensure security.

  • Easily build and send out your customer reports

    Customize and provide your clients with access to reports easily and efficiently, allowing them to see their desired data in a clear and presentable visual format decided by you.

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